January, sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me


Our old studio in Spitalfieds used to have an alarm system. This was fitted and maintained by Bob. Bob liked the 70's pop group, Pilot. Pilot had a hit called ‘January’.  Bob sang it every time he came to our studio to maintain the alarm. The lyrics always come to mind this month. “January sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me”. Now I am quite a positive chap, so I thought, “I'm not going to let this month get me down, I'm going to do something about it”. So, without further ado, I assemble a list of things I am going to do this year. if any of them actually come to fruition that is another thing, if they do I will let all and sundry know via social media (see item No.5).

1. Go to more exhibitions
I love going to exhibitions but I am lazy so and so and put them off until they are nearly over or have finished. So, I have already made firm plans to go and see Elizabeth Friedlander & the Penguin book covers and Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft this month. I am going with a friend who will be massively pissed off if I flake on her.


2. Get Spandangled off the ground
I have had this idea of a night of music and frivolities for like-minded people for a while now. I have even designed the brand because doing that makes me feel that the project is done because I don’t actually want to do much of the hard work of organising and promoting it. Hence I have teamed up with my chum Paul who is good at all that, so job done. Hopefully, the first bash will very soon.


3. Open the Wire shop
I have always wanted to create an online shop just to see if anyone would actually buy any of the goods on offer. It is quite time-consuming and one has to concentrate, something I'm not that good at for long periods. To be fair it is coming along nicely and should launch by the end of the month.


4. Write more blogs
Takes up sooooooo much time! Firstly, one has to think about what to write, then find images and links and references! Having said that I do enjoy it and will endeavour to continue to wax lyrical about inane stuff.

5. Learn how to use social media
Like all people of a similar age, I am bobbins at this. I use a very understanding social media specialist called Caitlin who despairs at my efforts but bless her, she is getting there and I am learning.

6. Learn about cryptocurrency
Don't know why just seems I should know something about this currency as it comes up in conversation quite a lot and I know diddly squat about it.

7. Start playing five-a-side again
This probably won’t happen but the chaps hassle me now and then to make a come back but my knees are shot. I was one of the original founders of Dynamo Oldstrasse who have been playing every Thursday near Old-street for over 25 years! There are many stories over the years about these footballing reprobates so I may well write a blog on this one day.

Lifting the winning trophy on our Berlin tour

8. Only drink once a week
I haven’t actually drunk a drop since the 30th Dec and wasn’t intending to do 'Dry January' but feel all the better for it so may as well see the month out now.

9. Try and cherry pick jobs
This is never going to happen. The only reason it is in the list is that I overheard someone say it and I first thought “How successful and cool is your company where you have the luxury to pick and choose your projects”. Then I thought about it and realised that most of our interesting and challenging projects wouldn’t have happened if we had that attitude and we would have gone tits up years ago.

10. Read more current affairs
Online not from a newspaper. The type is too small and I can never find my glasses so I just read the headlines!


11. Listen to Radio 4 instead of Radio 6
See above for another way to digest current affairs and furthermore still don’t need those illusive spectacles.

12. Go to some gigs
I absolutely love going to listen to live music so this is a must. I already have tickets to see Georgie Fame, who is playing in an art center in  Hornchurch, can't believe the dude is 74 and still as cool as ever!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 17.59.38.png

13. Go and actually watch my beloved Man United live
I love Manchester United and have done since my older brother told me to watch the Holy Trinity. (Best, Law & Charlton) on TV in the late 60’s. I tend to watch it in the pub with my chums because it doesn’t take the whole day, its close by, its warm and I can have several beers. If all fans did this there would be no one in the stadiums and no atmosphere so it wouldn’t be the same to watch.  Don't get me wrong, I have been to matches when I lived up north and even when I first came down south. It was easier to get tickets and a lot cheaper. So maybe I need to experience a live match again to see what I am missing. I have hatched a plan with my chum Mr. Altman, to kill two birds with one stone. We both have off springs studying in Manchester so will visit them and take a match in as well.