Tis' the season to be jolly!


Christmas is finally upon us and agencies will now be sending out their Christmas cards and other unusual Yuletide offerings to clients to show how creative they can be.

All over the globe, agencies have been planning these festive frolics for months and usually at quite a cost. There is a variety of ideas on offer as well, Advent calendars, decorations, wrapping paper, beard baubles (I kid you not, see below), campaigns, films, the list goes on. So, I have looked back at Christmas past and added a few examples to illustrate this but there are loads more if you really want to find them, but I am sure you will get the gist from this blog.


Mcgarrybowen created a set of Brexit-themed crackers for The Guardian. The crackers contain cheeky prizes on the theme of the key issues and of course, each cracker contains a joke.


Fabula has gone for 'Dead Legends' handkerchiefs featuring images of some of the stars we were forced to said goodbye to that year. They include Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali and Leonard Cohen,

Grey London created Beard Baubles. They were initially only developed the facial accessory for their Christmas card but liked the end result so much that they decided to sell them for charity.


Collective London offered a gift to anyone that could charm the boots off Father Christmas and score a date with him on Tinder. Read more here.

OgilvyOne commissioned fine artist John Afflick to paint a family on Christmas day, but with numerous details representing different clients.


Some of the lengths agencies go to raise a smile from clients is remarkable, take for example the agency Isobel. Year after year they have been producing amazing and I assume very costly Christmas cards.  In the past they have recreated ‘The Sound of Music’,  ‘Glee cheerleaders’, ‘Dutch Masters’ and ‘Swan Lake’. This year they have chosen a Buddhist angle. Looking at their client list and the tons of PR they get, the budget they put aside is well spent.


On the other hand, some are just brilliant in their simplicity. For instance, Joint London, they took the iconic Coca-Cola Santa and dressed him in all sorts of trendy clobber from KENZO TO Alexander Wang!


Hands up, Wire have been just as guilty of such frivolities but our ideas were usually created in a day, and to be fair it shows, but I think that is the beauty of them. This year, due to popular demand from our clients, we have reissued our ‘Wire Icons Wrapping Paper’ which they found so handy for last minute pressie wrapping!

Wire gold wrapping paper small.png

So, now we have posted all our merch, we will sit back and a raise a glass or two and reflect on all those new projects that will come flying through the door come January!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a productive New Year!